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AO Smith z9 Water Purifier Review

A.O Smith Green Series RO Water Purifiers not only ensure 100% RO purified water but also save 2 times more water than an ordinary RO water purifier* with its innovative Advance Recovery Technology™ [Patent applied]. The Z8 model “recovers the highest amount of water as compared to other water purifiers in India*”. Along with its 8 stage purification, it provides the option for hot water at 45° C and 80° C too. This water purifier is designed to fit right into your lifestyle.

8 Stage Purification
A. O. Smith Green series Z8 RO water purifier comes with 8 stage water purification stages.Water passes through 8Stage process : Pre-filter + Sediment filter + Carbon block + ART™ (Advance Recovery Technology™) + Patented Side Stream RO Membrane + MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology) + ZX Double Protection Dual Filter*(SAPC + SCMT).100% of the water passes through the RO Membrane and Double Purified by SCMT. ao smith z9 water purifier review

Only RO in India that gives you purified hot water with added minerals at two temperature choices of 45°C and 80°C, which can be used to make quick cup of tea, preparing baby food, soaking cereals, soothing sore throat, etc.

SCMT is an additional stage of purification to prevent any potential secondary microbial contamination post RO purification. Double protection ensures purified and healthy water

The MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology) adds essential minerals back to the water. This ensures that the water tastes fresh , natural and has balanced pH – an essential requirement for drinking water

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Kent Pearl Review

8 Litres Storage Capacity
Kent Pearl has the purified water storing capacity of 8 litres allowing you to drink water whenever you want to.

RO + UV + UF with TDS Controller
Kent Pearl provides double purification of RO + UV + UF, which removes even dissolved impurities. TDS controller maintains essential natural minerals thereby providing 100% safe & tasty drinking water. kent pearl ro & uf water purifier review

N*SF, WQA Gold Seal Certified*
The model is NSF and WQA certified assuring that it is rigorously tested and it meets all the requirements of the testing standards.

Built in SMPS
Kent Pearl incorporates built-in SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) to handle a wide range of input AC voltage (100 - 300 Volts).

Spin Welded RO Membrane
The RO membrane housing is spin-welded by using the latest technology that prevents the membrane from getting tampered.

Fully Automatic Operation
The model is fully automatic in operation this means that the water purifier operates freely without any need of manual intervention.

Push-Fit Components
All the fittings and components in Kent Pearl are push (snap) fit to prevent leakages and wastage of water.

Filtration Process
Kent mineral RO water purifier completely purifies the raw inlet water in an excellent manner and makes it 100% pure for drinking. The process of filtration is explained below:

Sediment Filter: After the inlet water (coming from different sources) enters into the water purifier, it gets inspected in the first gate that is the sediment filter. As water flows through this stage, all the unwanted dirt, physical particles and the suspended solids gets trapped.

Activated Carbon Filter: After passing through the sediment filter, the water passes through the activated carbon blocks, where chlorine, odours, volatile organic compounds as well as the unpleasant tastes from water gets removed. As the water passes through this filter a lot of unwanted impurities gets stuck the carbon blocks and thereby the released water comes out in a much purer form.

RO Filtration: It is the next level of purification process, where the dissolved impurities and organic solids like salts and other contaminants get removed from the water. The process also removes few other impurities as well like leads, pesticides, nitrates and sulphates, detergents and many others. During the process essential minerals are also somewhat removed.

Ultrafiltration: The next level of water purification is through ultrafiltration, where the UF membrane traps macromolecules and removes it from the water thereby making more pure. Since the pore size of UF membrane is 0.01 micron, it can easily isolate the small impurities from the water that you cannot even see it through your naked eyes. It also traps bacteria and cysts from the water.

TDS Controller: The name suggests that it is a kind of added device that helps in controlling the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in water that comes out of the RO membrane. Though the RO process reduces the hardness of the water but it also removes the essential minerals, thus to ensure that all minerals are retained in the water, TDS controller is used and this helps in allowing you to experience better taste in water.

Ultraviolet Filtration: This is the next step of filtration and making the water safe and pure. An 11 watt UV lamp is added, which holds the capability to kill or inactivate the microorganisms like bacteria, viruses and etc. from the water and make it free from impurities.

Post Carbon Filter: It is added to bring up the flavour of the water and enhance the taste as well.

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Best Free Web Proxies for Safe and Anonymous Surfing

The Internet has expanded our perspectives offering endless conceivable outcomes to each and every client. Notwithstanding age, sex, occupation and nationality, individuals can surf the web and cover their different needs without come up short. However this advance isn't without its own risks.

Without a doubt there is a disturbing event of hacking occurrences, wholesale fraud and various different issues that every individual should pay special mind to when surfing the internet. Web clients are continually encouraged to be conditional in their online dealings and dependably avoid potential risk.

One such safety measure is the utilization of mysterious web surfing. This can be effortlessly accomplished with the utilization of an intermediary server to change your IP as needs be. On the other hand you could make it a stride further and utilize a VPN to scramble the greater part of your web movement and be genuinely mysterious. Hiding your actual computerized personality online isn't as unpredictable as it sounds.

Along these lines, in the event that you are resolved to keep up abnormal states we have all the data you require on the best web intermediary and VPN alternatives accessible to you.

What Does a Proxy Do?

A web intermediary will enable you to surf the web secretly, since it burrows your information through servers that are spread out over the globe and include other IP addresses. This makes it hard for anybody to track you and see what you're on the web.

A protected intermediary goes about as a conductor between your PC and the sites you wish to visit. For whatever length of time that you make utilization of a web intermediary (either free or premium), you'll accumulate the accompanying advantages; secrecy, security, and opportunity.

Note: Using an intermediary will just change you IP address, it won't scramble your web movement so your ISP will even now recognize what you are doing and anybody checking your activity from the opposite side of the intermediary can likewise observe what you are doing and catch your movement to translate your identity and what you are doing. Intermediaries are helpful ONLY if need to change the presence of where you are eg. to get an amusement or different items less expensive with no duty, yet in the event that you require obscurity and protection then you have to utilize a VPN.

We prompt alert when utilizing intermediaries. Some intermediary administrations have been known to snoop on what you are doing, track your developments and take your data transmission.

That being stated, intermediaries certainly do have a reason and a decent one at that, so here are the aftereffects of the examination we have done.

Top Proxies

Throughout the years, intermediary administrations have enhanced definitely. Regardless of this however there's no denying that a few administrations are vastly improved than others. Here are some Best Free Proxy Sites and free proxy server list to Browse Anonymously describes briefely.

We've made a rundown of what we accept are the best intermediaries.


HideMyAss ProxyHMA is a well known organization in both the VPN; HMA (HideMyAss) VPN and intermediary specialties; free site intermediary. They're situated in the UK and offer a simple and straightforward answer for your perusing needs. There is a helpful address bar that you can exploit, keeping in mind the end goal to get to a particular site without uncovering your own IP address. They offer SSL accreditation and in addition other propelled highlights.


Securefor Screenshot

It used to be Proxy.org yet has since changed. The directions are offered on the page. Essentially, you enter the URL of the site you need to visit in the address bar appeared at the base of the page and hit enter.


NewIPNowNewIPNowis a free web intermediary benefit, going for giving you a sheltered section to surf the web. This site enables you to pick the site you need to visit and the IP you wish to utilize. Also, your present IP is shown till you change it. This is verification that the administration really does what it guarantees.

Hide.me Proxy

Hide.me Proxy If you are searching for a super-quick free intermediary that doesn't demonstrate any irritating advertisements and fly up windows, Hide.me free intermediary does precisely that. You can scramble URLs or pages. You can likewise browse the three gave areas including Netherlands, Germany, and USA.

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Best Facetime Alternative Apps for Windows and Mac

Best Facetime Alternative: The world realizes that there has dependably been firm rivalry between the two driving brands Google and Apple. There are certainly a few zones where Apple has given an intense rivalry to the next. Be that as it may, some such regions are likewise there which is driven by Google. Those zones clearly incorporate things like certain application bolster and the quantity of choices and contrasting options to those.

What is Facetime?

FaceTime for Mac makes it conceivable to talk, grin and snicker with anybody on an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Mac with an implicit FaceTime camera. Along these lines, one can associate, hang out, joke around and keep in contact with only a tick. To have the capacity to hear along far off voice influences you to feel uncommon. Be that as it may, it is more exceptional when you get the chance to see the substance of your darling one.

In spite of being far from each other if innovation can convey you nearer to your close to ones then you will love the application. Well! This was about Facetime which is upheld just by iOS. Be that as it may, with regards to Android OS, it ends up plainly hard to pick the correct one because of accessibility of such huge numbers of best facetime alternative applications on the Google Play Store.

So companions, don't need to be concerned. This article has answers to every one of your inquiries. This article is about the best options of Facetime. So without taking the talk to some other subject, let us investigate the best Facetime elective applications for other working frameworks.

Best Facetime Alternative Apps


A standout amongst other known and acknowledged application for video calling upheld by Android is Skype. We as a whole think about its utilization and different advantages. This application bolsters both back camera and front camera calling and that too for nothing out of pocket.

The other gainful highlights are:

Send and get texts for nothing.

Send photographs, recordings and documents of any size for nothing.

Offer your unique minutes with free and boundless video informing over Skype


Line is a standout amongst the most famous texting application which gives you a chance to interface and offer moment writings, pictures, and so on. The best thing aout this application is that it keeps running on all the major working frameworks including iOS and Blackberry. The fascinating component of the Line is that you can include companions in different courses, for example, shake it together to include the companion or trade your ID by means of QR code.

The other valuable highlights are:

You can refresh your companions about what you've been doing of late utilizing content, photographs, motion pictures, stickers and even area data.

You'll discover entertaining and fun stickers including acclaimed characters from everywhere throughout the world!


Oovoo is another extraordinary application that enables you to video talk with your loved ones utilizing excellent video and sound. The application is accessible on every single portable stage and additionally desktop OS.

The other gainful highlights are:

Video and photograph informing.
Fab 5 – put your five closest companions on speed dial!

OoVies™ – video status messages that you show on your profile or send to companions!

Full-page profile screen including your ooVies, profile pic, and that's just the beginning!

Vivid, innovative channels for in-call video and video recording.

Hurray! Ambassador for Android

Hurray has been much well known till date for its ambassador administrations. On the off chance that you and your loved ones are associated with each other by the Yahoo mail benefit then you can get to a great deal of highlights. Like Skype, Yahoo Messenger additionally enables you to get to free calling and messaging administrations.

The other helpful highlights are:

Free worldwide SMS

Talk with Windows Live companions

Google Hangouts

This application needs no presentation. We as a whole are usual to the application of Google Hangouts. We can appreciate a great deal of highlights like free calling both sound and video, messaging, sharing pictures and recordings, and so forth. This application gives numerous different highlights which can be gotten to through Gmail.

The other gainful highlights:

Free video calling

Sharing updates

You can interface with individuals on your telephone contact list in the event that they are on this application

You can pick the option of interfacing through Gmail

You make the most of your own circle

So folks, on the off chance that you are not having the capacity to get to the slanting application Facetime, at that point there is nothing to stress over it. There are a considerable measure of options of Facetime which will give you comparable offices and highlights and let you interface with your circle.

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FaceTime is a voice calling application made by Apple. Back in June 2010, Steve Jobs reported the landing of Face Time. In spite of the fact that the application is to a great degree comparative both on the iPad and furthermore on the iPhone, I would recommend that there are a few things that you can particularly do on the iPhone rather than the iPad. The first would be that you exploit the full screen of the iPad instead of the littler screen of the iPhone. The second would be time and again visit the iTunes store as there are frequently new updates. Be that as it may, in the event that you need to Install FaceTime on your Windows Laptop or PC at that point read this total guide on FaceTime for PC.

An ever increasing number of organizations are making items that are good with FaceTime as should be obvious like other Apple items (as I would see it) are very prevalent. Most organizations see this and are supporting their wagers for Apple Face time, now FaceTime is perfect with iPhone 4, fourth Generation iPod Touch, a moment age iPad, or a PC with Mac OS X to another gadget; the past ages of iPhone and iPod Touch are not as of now bolstered.

The way individuals convey had made considerable progress from when the primary telephone was first developed. You now have the choice of utilizing the FaceTime application, which will enable you to see the individual you're talking as well. You can utilize this application from your portable workstations, iPhones, iPods, and iPads. This is an extraordinary application whether you are on business and need to see your family, working late and need to state great night to your children, have a telephone call with somebody.

You can get the FaceTime application essentially by going by official site and after that clicking - purchase now - it will then direct you to another screen, and you will see another catch - see in macintosh application store - you will click that, and afterward it will divert you the application store where you snap to purchase. When you get it, you will be provoked to put in your i.d and your secret word in the event that you are not as of now signed in, and afterward it should download and fly up naturally. The FaceTime application is an awesome fun approach to keep in contact with loved ones. Flying autos might not have been imagined yet like they were guaranteed, yet video calling is here, and it is no longer for the rich. You can get requiring little to no effort if your iPhone or PC does not have it. Go and download your FaceTime application today so you can get up to speed with that individual you have not conversed with in months.

Facetime for PC is one of the protected and straightforward video calling application by Apple, permitting clients cooperate with family and companions by means of one-on-one calls. Controlled by highlights which have speedy match up of contacts, audit of the past phone, HD video calling, extraordinary widescreen angle proportion, and significantly more, this application is without a doubt a keeper.Developed by Apple, this calling application gives you the opportunity to talk with your friends and family wherever they live. It's a video conferencing device that gives you the capacity to speak with another client in realtime. Clients can likewise utilize Facetime App on Windows PC utilizing Android Emulators.

For what reason Should You Download Facetime for PC?

Facetime is a Mac and Apple IOS App utilized for video innovation. This application is discharged for apple items. Facetime application utilized for video conferencing and has its awesome effect on individuals. Through this application, individuals would video be able to meeting from any piece of the world because of the simple to utilize the element. Facetime is an apple item. There are likewise many substitutes of Facetime which are accessible for android devices, for example, Tango, Skype, and numerous other however did not fulfill clients require. Facetime for PC highlights is anything but difficult to utilize, one touch dial, and so forth.

Video conferencing makes people groups lives less demanding, as through Facetime for PC application one would video be able to meeting to the next whenever they need. Associating with many individuals from business and school has additionally been made conceivable in view of video conferencing. Presently, a day's numerous devices enable individuals to do video conferencing. Facetime application shows up on the iPhone gadgets working by the handset's worked in forward looking the camera. The client can just utilize the Facetime application if the individual you are talking too has a gadget with the Facetime application and a forward looking camera. Facetime application requires dynamic information association or web for the gathering, and afterward no one but you can convey the meeting.

On the off chance that you are a consistent Windows client and need to introduce this new Facetime App on Your PC then this guide will help you to download Facetime App on PC. There are somany video calling applications are accessible for Android and in addition iOS clients. Additionally in the event that you are utilizing PC or portable PC at that point there is skype for you. In any case, Facetime is extraordinary. It has a standout amongst the most special outline and Facetime for PC is likewise accessible for nothing.

Ventures to Download Facetime For PC:

Download and introduce the RAR record to the PC and concentrate apk and the notebook document utilizing Winrar.

Presently you need to introduce Android Emulator on your Windows PC. There are numerous Android Emulators are accessible on the web yet Bluestacks is one of the safe and well known. Download it from here:

Introduce it on your PC. Open it after establishment wrapped up.

Presently scan for Facetime App or Drag and Drop Facetime Apk to Bluestacks and it will naturally introduced.

You can discover Facetime App symbol in App Drawer.

Once Done, you can begin making Free Video Calls.

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Hi, This a demo post of Logdown.

Logdown use Markdown as main syntax, you can find more example by reading this document on Wikipedia

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