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Kent Pearl Review

8 Litres Storage Capacity
Kent Pearl has the purified water storing capacity of 8 litres allowing you to drink water whenever you want to.

RO + UV + UF with TDS Controller
Kent Pearl provides double purification of RO + UV + UF, which removes even dissolved impurities. TDS controller maintains essential natural minerals thereby providing 100% safe & tasty drinking water. kent pearl ro & uf water purifier review

N*SF, WQA Gold Seal Certified*
The model is NSF and WQA certified assuring that it is rigorously tested and it meets all the requirements of the testing standards.

Built in SMPS
Kent Pearl incorporates built-in SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) to handle a wide range of input AC voltage (100 - 300 Volts).

Spin Welded RO Membrane
The RO membrane housing is spin-welded by using the latest technology that prevents the membrane from getting tampered.

Fully Automatic Operation
The model is fully automatic in operation this means that the water purifier operates freely without any need of manual intervention.

Push-Fit Components
All the fittings and components in Kent Pearl are push (snap) fit to prevent leakages and wastage of water.

Filtration Process
Kent mineral RO water purifier completely purifies the raw inlet water in an excellent manner and makes it 100% pure for drinking. The process of filtration is explained below:

Sediment Filter: After the inlet water (coming from different sources) enters into the water purifier, it gets inspected in the first gate that is the sediment filter. As water flows through this stage, all the unwanted dirt, physical particles and the suspended solids gets trapped.

Activated Carbon Filter: After passing through the sediment filter, the water passes through the activated carbon blocks, where chlorine, odours, volatile organic compounds as well as the unpleasant tastes from water gets removed. As the water passes through this filter a lot of unwanted impurities gets stuck the carbon blocks and thereby the released water comes out in a much purer form.

RO Filtration: It is the next level of purification process, where the dissolved impurities and organic solids like salts and other contaminants get removed from the water. The process also removes few other impurities as well like leads, pesticides, nitrates and sulphates, detergents and many others. During the process essential minerals are also somewhat removed.

Ultrafiltration: The next level of water purification is through ultrafiltration, where the UF membrane traps macromolecules and removes it from the water thereby making more pure. Since the pore size of UF membrane is 0.01 micron, it can easily isolate the small impurities from the water that you cannot even see it through your naked eyes. It also traps bacteria and cysts from the water.

TDS Controller: The name suggests that it is a kind of added device that helps in controlling the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in water that comes out of the RO membrane. Though the RO process reduces the hardness of the water but it also removes the essential minerals, thus to ensure that all minerals are retained in the water, TDS controller is used and this helps in allowing you to experience better taste in water.

Ultraviolet Filtration: This is the next step of filtration and making the water safe and pure. An 11 watt UV lamp is added, which holds the capability to kill or inactivate the microorganisms like bacteria, viruses and etc. from the water and make it free from impurities.

Post Carbon Filter: It is added to bring up the flavour of the water and enhance the taste as well.

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